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The Rule Book

1) One account per human being

2) You are to not have any interaction between accounts that show up on the same IP. This includes but not limited to; transfers, attacking, being in the same gang, and/or sharing accounts.

3) Those that show up on the same IP are not allowed to be in the same gang, no exceptions.

4) You can not share accounts with another player. You also can't buy/sell accounts

6) Impersonating other Mofos by changing ones own name is illegal, and action will be taken against those who do. This is especially the case with impersonating staff

8) Scamming or tricking other players to further your progress in the game or prohibit theirs or anyone elses is completely unacceptable.

11) Using a bug/expolit is a serious offense. If you find a bug/expolit report it to an admin.

5) Housing multies in a gang is illegal.

7) Allowing someone to repeatedly attack you (aka slutting) or repeatly attacking someone (aka raping) is not allowed.

9) Excessive abusive language on the boards and/or mofo mail is obviously inappropriate.

10) Posting guides such as but not limited to the employment guide on your gang board is illegal

Breaking any of the following rules can result in:

  • Mail Ban
  • Message Board Ban
  • Being Jailed
  • Removal Of Funds
  • Level/Stats Reduction
  • Loss Of Extras
  • Deletion Of Gang
  • Deletion Of Account

The following can be changed at anytime without notice. It will be your responsibility to stay up to date with the rules of the game.

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